Posted on: October 9, 2011 2:03 pm

Another shot across the bow

Well now, let us not assume Mr. Beebe is to blame. According to this statement all the conference shuffling could have been prevented but Nebraska said no to equal revenue sharing some two years ago.

I'm a fan but c'mon Nebraska. You've ruined the big 12 and all those old rivalries and it was all your fault!

All this time I thought NU bolted because of the shifting landscape with the big offer that tempted Texas to join the PAC.

According to Beebe it wasn't Texas or anyone else.

Am I missing something in this statement? So if all is as he says then every other school was in but Nebraska. That means that two years ago Texas was ready to make an equal revenue sharing plan?

Tell me Texas is the good guy in this and I will shut up on this forever.
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